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Film My Day Is Coming To DC


Why Is Nas Rolling W/ Amy???

Nas is spending time with Amy Winehouse. See what’s up and hear what’s good with his new CD.


Fat Joe Says BIG Wanted To Shoot Clue

This is a Biggie story I never heard before. I didn’t even know that he and Clue were out at the same time. Watch This Video of Fat Joe telling how BIG wanted to murk DJ Clue.

No Wedding Alicia Keys and Swizz

Well no wedding this week anyways. Swizz addressed the rumors on marriage and taking over Alicia’s career.


Best of Ashalee Albar

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Dame Breaks Down Beef Wit Hov

Dame gives another take on the Jay-Z beef and where it began – READ MORE

Maliah Gets Em Butt A** For Vibe

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